Saturday, 14 May 2011

See people, They don't understand. No girlfriends, they can't understand. Your grandsons, they won't understand. On top of this, I ain't ever gonna understand.

Today I produced some illustrations of the wonderful band the Strokes. I've decided i'm just going to focus on one band rather than several. 
Pics taken on my phone, I couldn't fit them in the scanner! So you can pretty much see the shadow of my arm in every picture.
I've actually realised that I get so much drawing done in the comfort of a living room rather than in class, this is mainly down to being distracted far too easily!
also, music really helps :)


  1. Wow, the hair is AMAZING!! so is the rest, but the hair!! (and yes Elvis did die of a vitamin pill and lines of flour overdose.....he was gluten intolerant.)

  2. I am loving these!! What did you do the hair with Han? Can I also just say... LAAAST NIIIIGHTT!! x

  3. oh thank youuu both! and LOVE that song! :D
    I've been having a bit of a Strokes weekend!
    the hair was drawn with a graphite pencil xx

  4. Really nice work here.

    Good use of blog.