Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Barcelona snapshots

Barcelona, July 2010. I only just got this film processed after nearly a year!

I love the novelty of having to use a disposable camera, the photos always seem that much more personal and the colours of the film add a retro aesthetic to each picture. admittedly I did feel like a bit of an old school tourist using one of these!


  1. These are great! The 10th one down looks like it should be on a Vampire Weekend album. I was in Barcelona in July last year as well! World cup parties in the street!!

  2. Thanks Laura :) Oh Vampire Weekend are perfect to listen to in the sunshine

    ah thats so cool you were there in July too, I was surrounded by the hype of the world cup pretty much every time I woke up, it was mad haha. I have some digital cam photos too, but they never look as good :)

  3. :) the first night we got there was the semis and we were out all night partying with the locals. Good start to the holiday.

    Where abouts did you stay? We were near the end of the Rambla (coast end) right in the tourist bit!! There was a great design gallery nearby though :)